Union Bank Limited
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Union Bank Limited, one of the leading fourth generation banks in the region, was formed on 1st April, 2013 with the aim of ‘To become socially committed world class financial institution’ and started its operation as a Shariah based Bank in the private sector on 20 May, 2013 by opening Gulshan Branch with an authorized capital of Tk. 10000 million, paid up capital of Tk.4280 million which is divided into 428 million shares of Tk.10 each. It renders all types of commercial banking services in compliance with the Bank Companies Act, 1991.
The bank provides high quality customer service through the integration of the latest banking technology and also Shariah based Product. Our Bank was succeeded to open 36 new branches at various commercially important locations including rural zones. In accordance with our Vision and Mission we are trying hard to provide spectrum of services whether the clients are individuals, small entrepreneur or industrial firms. Our employees share a common bond and a strong belief that the basic principles of corporate governance, fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility are relevant in everything they do. Human Resources Division is trying its best to retain best employees through a sound recruitment and selection process from time to time. We have got a number of popular and innovative financial products considering the benefits of depositors, clients and Bank. Implementation of Core Banking Solution, BACH Automation, and Establishment of own tier-iii Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Site and implementation of ATM & Debit Card Service are the performance of ICT Division.