BIBM provides accommodation to participants/students to reside in the hostels. At present there is a six storied hostel building, having 150 seats with separate block for female participants and students. Exquisitely designed double and single-seated rooms are full furnished and equipped with modern furniture.

About Hostel

Adequate facilities are available for playing both outdoor and indoor games like football, badminton, volleyball, cricket, carom, table tennis, etc. Students can relax in the evenings or on holidays, or spend their leisure time in the Common Room which is equipped with a wide screen Television. Each floor's lobby setup by sofa with newspapers and magazines.


Our large and well equipped dining hall provides fresh and hygienic foods to all eligible participants and guests. Pure Bangladeshi foods are provided by considering the taste and choices of target group.

BIBM hostel at a glance

-    Six-storied hostel building with 150 accommodation facilities.
-    Separate block for female participants.
-    Every room is very neat and clean and maintains the condition very strictly.
-    Each floor with a nice sitting area with newspaper and magazine stand.
-    Entire hostel building and adjacent area is under WiFi facility.
-    Cyber Cafe.
-    Gym and sports room.
-    TV room with large sitting capacity.
-    A large prayer room.
-    Study and discussion room.
-    Two dining halls fully air conditioned.