MBM Evening

MBM Evening Program

The MBM-Evening degree is a two year four months program affiliated to the University of Dhaka consisting of seven terms, each term being of four months duration. The program constitutes course work of 60 credit hours, that is, a student shall have to complete 20 courses (3 credit hours for each course). In each term, a student is required to take three courses as prescribed by the University of Dhaka. In addition, every student must write a project paper (in the last term) weighing 3 credit hours and appear for a viva-voce at the end of I, III, IV, and V terms, weighing in total 3 credit hours. Marks obtained in the project paper and term-end viva-voce will be graded as per MBM-Evening grading system. The class size consists of 50 students selected on a competitive basis.

The MBM-Evening program begins with a sequence of fundamental/core courses like Introduction to Business , Business Communication, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Fundamentals of Management, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Principles and Practices of Banking, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Marketing Management, Commercial Bank Management, Project Appraisal and Management, Investment and Merchant Banking, International Trade Payment and Finance, Central Banking, Regulations and Supervision, Risk Management in Banking, etc. Besides the core courses, the students have to choose two courses among a range of eight elective courses in the seventh term.

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