Library Information

A highly professional library has been built-up specially to cater to the needs of the banking and financial sector. There are about 24,000 books in the library and the institute subscribes to about 200 domestic and foreign journals, magazines and other periodicals. Besides, the library receives different types of financial and economic literature, statistical bulletin and newsletters published by concerned govt. organizations, Central Bank, financial institutions, academic, research and training institutes in Bangladesh and abroad. The library is available for use by the faculty members and other employees of BIBM, the trainees and students enrolled in any program of BIBM. It is also available for use by the Associate Members (open to member and bank employees only). The Associate Members however, cannot borrow any book. BIBM Library has exchange program with some libraries under which it can bring different books as per demand of the readers. The Library timing for the readers is from 9 am to 8 pm on all working days, but for Friday and Saturday, the timing is from 9 am to 3 pm. The library remains closed on other government holidays.

Books: The books of following discipline are collected and preserved for BIBM library: Economics, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Business, Management, Marketing, Law, Computer Science, Agriculture, Research, Education, Psychology, Statistics, History, Geography, English and Bengali Fiction etc. and Dictionaries on various disciplines.

Encyclopedia: Encyclopedia of Britannica, Encyclopedia of Americana, Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, Encyclopedia of Management, Encyclopedia of Banking and Finance, Encyclopedia of Islam, etc. are kept in the library.

Journals (Foreign and Local): Journal on Economics, Banking, Accounting, Management Training, NGOs, Computer Science, etc. are subscribed for the library.

Other Publications: Annual Reports of various Banks and Financial Institutions, ADB, IMF & the World Bank Reports, Govt. Publications (mainly govt. gazettes) are kept in the library. The publications mostly related to financial sector. BIBM course materials, seminar papers and background materials of workshops are also preserved in the library.

Membership Categories: BIBM library has different categories of members as noted below:

1. Faculty Members, BIBM
2. Officers, BIBM
3. Other employees, BIBM
4. a.) Trainee Officers of training courses & workshops,
b) Students of the Masters in Bank Management (MBM) Programme
c) Students of the Evening Masters in Bank Management (EMBM) Programme.
5. Associate Membership: BIBM Library offers associate membership facility only to the Bank Officers of various Banks and Financial Institutions by paying an annual membership fee Tk.100.

Eligibility to Access the Library Facilities - Entitlement of Books:

SL No. Membership Category No. of Books entitled to borrow Duration
1 Faculty Members, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management 30 30 days
2 Officers, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management 2 15 days
3 Other employees, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management 1 7 days
4 a) Trainee Officers of training courses & workshops 2 Limited up to the course duration
b) Student of MBM 3 15 days
c) Student of EMBM 2 15 days
5 Associate Members are not entitled to borrow books or any library materials.