Course Details

Information System Audit in Banks for Non-IT Executives

  • Title : Information System Audit in Banks for Non-IT Executives
  • Course TYPE : Training Course
  • Course No : TC41/2019
  • Duration : 05 working days working days
  • Frequency : 01
  • Time : Sunday 13th of October 2019 - Thursday 17th of October 2019
  • Nature: Residential
  • Target Group : Senior Officer or Equivalent Officer and above who are working in the ICC/Audit department having no IT Background
  • Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion and Case Study
  • Resource Person: BIBM Faculty and Professionals from Financial and other Institutions
  • Coordination Team :
    1 Kaniz Rabbi
    2 Md. Foysal Hasan
  • Objectives:

        a.     To enhance skill of the participants to conduct IS Audit of the banks with care and confidence.
        b.     To enable the participants to understand IS Audit with a heightened awareness of security and control concerns.    

  • Contents:

    a.    Fundamentals of ICT: Computer Hardware, Software, Network and Data Communication.
    b.    Fundamentals of IT Based Products and Services in Banks.
    c.    Alternate Delivery Channels: ATM, POST, Mobile, Internet, Digital Cash, Plastic Money, etc.
    d.    Fundamentals of Information Security in Banks.
    e.    Cyber Attack and online frauds in Banks and preventive measures.
    f.    Case Study on IT Based Frauds in Banks.
    g.    Concept of IS Audit in Banks: Planning, Audit opening meeting, Creating auditing program and Set the scope.
    h.    IS Audit Checklist in Banks: ICT Operation Management, ICT Security Management, Physical and Environment Security Management, Information Security Standard, IT Risk Management, Software Development and Acquisition, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management, Impact of Last Inspection Report.
    i.    Data Access Control and Malware Management of online banks.
    j.    Security Issues of Software in Banks.
    k.    IT Outsourcing and Service Provider Management in Banks.
    l.    Overview of Cyber Law and ICT Act. 2006.
    m.    Concluding the audit covering exit meeting and report preparing and follow up to mitigate IT Risk in Banks.
    n.    Case Study on IS Audit and Inspection in Banks.

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